ULIVETO sparkling mineral water
Description Established in Rome in 1984, the distribution company COMPAGNIA GENERALE DI Distribution (COGEDI) owns brands Uliveto, Rocchetta, Brio Blu Rocchetta and Elisir di Rocchetta, brands leading the italian market, which began to gain notoriety on the european market
Source Natural spring located in Umbria, the “green heart” of Italy
Composition Natural composition of unique minerals (including calcium carbonate, magnesium, potassium)
Properties ULIVETO is a naturally sparkling mineral water which helps the digestive process
When you drink ULIVETO before, during or after exercise it will help to quickly replace fluids and minerals lost by sweating and so keeps your body active and fit
Thanks to the unique and natural mineral blend (including sodium, chloride, calcium) and its digestive properties, ULIVETO quickly replaces fluids lost through sweat
Bottling PET 1,5 L ; Glass container 1 L ; PET 0,50 L
water, sparkling, mineral

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